Class AbstractMapConfigurationValueProvider

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractMapConfigurationValueProvider

        public AbstractMapConfigurationValueProvider()
    • Method Detail

      • getMap

        protected abstract Map<?,​?> getMap()
      • getSourceDescription

        protected abstract String getSourceDescription()
      • getProvidedValue

        public ProvidedValue getProvidedValue​(String... keyAndAliases)
        Default implementation stores a cache of found known values, falling back to lookupProvidedValue(String...) when it is asked about a new key. Uses getMapHash() to determine if the underlying map has changed.
        keyAndAliases - an array of keys to check, where the first element is the canonical key name, any aliases for that key as later elements.
        null if the key is not defined in this provider.
      • getMapHash

        protected int getMapHash()
        Used by getProvidedValue(String...) to determine if the underlying data has changed vs. the cached results.
      • keyMatches

        protected boolean keyMatches​(String wantedKey,
                                     String storedKey)
        Used by ConfigurationValueProvider.getProvidedValue(String[]) to determine of a given map entry matches the wanted key. This implementation compares the values case-insensitively, and will replace camelCase words with kabob-case
        wantedKey - the configuration key requested
        storedKey - the key stored in the map