Class DB2Database

All Implemented Interfaces:
AutoCloseable, Database, PrioritizedService

public class DB2Database extends AbstractDb2Database
  • Constructor Details

    • DB2Database

      public DB2Database()
  • Method Details

    • isCorrectDatabaseImplementation

      public boolean isCorrectDatabaseImplementation(DatabaseConnection conn) throws DatabaseException
      Description copied from interface: Database
      Is this AbstractDatabase subclass the correct one to use for the given connection.
    • getShortName

      public String getShortName()
      Description copied from interface: Database
      Returns an all-lower-case short name of the product. Used for end-user selecting of database type such as the DBMS precondition.
    • supportsBooleanDataType

      public boolean supportsBooleanDataType()
      Checks if the database supports boolean data type columns. This is true for versions >=
      true if boolean data type columns are supported, false otherwise
    • getDefaultDatabaseProductName

      protected String getDefaultDatabaseProductName()
      getDefaultDatabaseProductName in class AbstractDb2Database
    • supportsCreateIfNotExists

      public boolean supportsCreateIfNotExists(Class<? extends DatabaseObject> type)
      Description copied from interface: Database
      Does the database support the "if not exits" syntax?
      type - the DatabaseObject type to be checked.
      true if the "if not exists" syntax is supported, false otherwise.
    • supportsDatabaseChangeLogHistory

      public boolean supportsDatabaseChangeLogHistory()
      Description copied from interface: Database
      Does the particular database implementation support the database changelog history feature and associated table?
      true if supported, false otherwise