Class FilenameUtil

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public class FilenameUtil extends Object
General filename and filepath manipulation utilities.
  • Constructor Details

    • FilenameUtil

      public FilenameUtil()
  • Method Details

    • normalize

      public static String normalize(String filename)
      Normalizes a path, removing double and single dot path steps as well as standardizing on "/" for a slash.

    • concat

      public static String concat(String basePath, String fullFilenameToAdd)
      Concatenates a filename to a base path using normal command line style rules. This method uses the operating system rules to determine the path separator.

      The returned path will be normalize(String)'ed

    • getDirectory

      public static String getDirectory(String filename)
      If the path is a file, return everything up to the file. If the path is a directory, return the directory.

      The returned path will be normalize(String)'ed

    • sanitizeFileName

      public static String sanitizeFileName(String fileName)
      Remove problematic characters from filename and replace them with '_'
      fileName - Filename to remove characters from
      String Sanitized file name
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