Package liquibase

Class CatalogAndSchema


public class CatalogAndSchema extends Object
Object representing a database catalog and schema. This differs from Schema in that it has not come from an actual database Schema.

A null value for catalogName or schemaName signifies the default catalog/schema.

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    • CatalogAndSchema

      public CatalogAndSchema(String catalogName, String schemaName)
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    • equals

      public boolean equals(CatalogAndSchema catalogAndSchema, Database accordingTo)
    • standardize

      public CatalogAndSchema standardize(Database accordingTo)
      This method returns a new CatalogAndSchema adjusted based on the configuration of the passed database. If the database does not support schemas, the returned object will have a null schema. If the database does not support catalogs, the returned object will have a null catalog. If either the schema or catalog matches the database default catalog or schema, they will be nulled out. Catalog and/or schema names will be upper case unless the database violates the SQL standard by being case-sensitive about some or all unquoted identifiers.
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    • customize

      public CatalogAndSchema customize(Database accordingTo)
      Returns a new CatalogAndSchema object with null/default catalog and schema names set to the correct default catalog and schema. If the database does not support catalogs or schemas they will retain a null value. Catalog and schema capitalization will match what the database expects.
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    • toString

      public String toString()
      String version includes both catalog and schema. If either is null it returns the string "DEFAULT" in its place.
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