Class ChangeFactory

All Implemented Interfaces:
PluginFactory, SingletonObject

public class ChangeFactory extends AbstractPluginFactory<Change>
Factory class for constructing the correct liquibase.change.Change implementation based on a command name. For XML-based changelogs, the tag name is the command name. Change implementations are looked up via the ServiceLocator.
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  • Method Details

    • getPluginClass

      protected Class<Change> getPluginClass()
      Specified by:
      getPluginClass in class AbstractPluginFactory<Change>
    • getPriority

      protected int getPriority(Change obj, Object... args)
      Description copied from class: AbstractPluginFactory
      Returns the priority of the given object based on the passed args array. The args are created as part of the custom public getPlugin method in implementations are passed through AbstractPluginFactory.getPlugin(Object...)
      Specified by:
      getPriority in class AbstractPluginFactory<Change>
    • getChangeMetaData

      public ChangeMetaData getChangeMetaData(String change)
    • getChangeMetaData

      public ChangeMetaData getChangeMetaData(Change change)
    • unregister

      public void unregister(String name)
      Unregister all instances of a given Change name. Normally used for testing, but can be called manually if needed.
    • getDefinedChanges

      public SortedSet<String> getDefinedChanges()
      Returns all defined changes in the registry. Returned set is not modifiable.
    • create

      public Change create(String name)
      Create a new Change implementation for the given change name. The class of the constructed object will be the Change implementation with the highest priority. Each call to create will return a new instance of the Change.
    • getParameters

      public Map<String,Object> getParameters(Change change)
    • getInstance

      @Deprecated public static ChangeFactory getInstance()
    • setPerformSupportsDatabaseValidation

      public void setPerformSupportsDatabaseValidation(boolean performSupportsDatabaseValidation)
      Should the change be checked to see if it supports the current database? Default is true
      performSupportsDatabaseValidation -