Class ChangeFactory

    • Method Detail

      • unregister

        public void unregister​(String name)
        Unregister all instances of a given Change name. Normally used for testing, but can be called manually if needed.
      • getDefinedChanges

        public SortedSet<String> getDefinedChanges()
        Returns all defined changes in the registry. Returned set is not modifiable.
      • create

        public Change create​(String name)
        Create a new Change implementation for the given change name. The class of the constructed object will be the Change implementation with the highest priority. Each call to create will return a new instance of the Change.
      • setPerformSupportsDatabaseValidation

        public void setPerformSupportsDatabaseValidation​(boolean performSupportsDatabaseValidation)
        Should the change be checked to see if it supports the current database? Default is true
        performSupportsDatabaseValidation -