Class ConfiguredValue<DataType>

    • Method Detail

      • getValueObfuscated

        public DataType getValueObfuscated()
      • wasDefaultValueUsed

        public boolean wasDefaultValueUsed()
        Return true if a default value was the "winning" value
      • override

        public void override​(ProvidedValue details)
        Replaces the current configured value with a higher-precedence one. If a null value is passed, do nothing.
      • override

        public void override​(Object newValue,
                             String sourceDescription)
        Modifies the current configured value. If a new provider is overriding the old value, use override(ProvidedValue). This is for changing the value outside the "provider" infrastructure.
      • getProvidedValues

        public List<ProvidedValue> getProvidedValues()
        a full list of where the configuration value was set and/or overridden.
      • found

        public boolean found()
        true if a value was found across the providers.