Package liquibase.ui

Interface UIService

    • Method Detail

      • getPriority

        int getPriority()
      • sendMessage

        void sendMessage​(String message)
        Send a "normal" message to the user.
      • sendErrorMessage

        void sendErrorMessage​(String message)
        Send an "error" message to the user.
      • sendErrorMessage

        void sendErrorMessage​(String message,
                              Throwable exception)
        Send an "error" message to the user along with a stacktrace.
      • prompt

        <T> T prompt​(String prompt,
                     T valueIfNoEntry,
                     InputHandler<T> inputHandler,
                     Class<T> type)
        Prompt the user with the message and wait for a response.
        If this UIService implementation does not support user prompts, return the default value.
        If inputHandler is null, DefaultInputHandler will be used.
        If inputHandler throws an IllegalArgumentException, the user will be given the chance to re-enter the value.
        If the inputHandler returns true for InputHandler.shouldAllowEmptyInput() and the user enters an empty value when prompted, or hits "enter", the valueIfNoEntry will be returned. If the inputHandler returns false for InputHandler.shouldAllowEmptyInput(), the user will be reprompted until they enter a non-empty value, which will then be returned.
      • setAllowPrompt

        void setAllowPrompt​(boolean allowPrompt)
                     throws IllegalArgumentException
        Method to set flag indicating whether prompting is allowed
        allowPrompt - New flag value
        IllegalArgumentException - If parameter is not allowed
      • getAllowPrompt

        boolean getAllowPrompt()
        Return current setting of allow prompt flag