Class AbstractLiquibaseChangeLogMojo

All Implemented Interfaces:
org.apache.maven.plugin.ContextEnabled, org.apache.maven.plugin.Mojo
Direct Known Subclasses:
AbstractLiquibaseUpdateMojo, LiquibaseChangeLogSyncMojo, LiquibaseChangeLogSyncSQLMojo, LiquibaseChangeLogSyncToTagMojo, LiquibaseChangeLogSyncToTagSQLMojo, LiquibaseDatabaseDiff, LiquibaseDBDocMojo, LiquibaseReportStatusMojo, LiquibaseRollback, LiquibaseRollbackOneChangeSetMojo, LiquibaseRollbackOneChangeSetSQL, LiquibaseRollbackOneUpdateMojo, LiquibaseRollbackOneUpdateSQL, LiquibaseUnexpectedChangeSetsMojo, LiquibaseValidate

public abstract class AbstractLiquibaseChangeLogMojo extends AbstractLiquibaseMojo
A Liquibase MOJO that requires the user to provide a DatabaseChangeLogFile to be able to perform any actions on the database.
  • Field Details

    • changeLogDirectory

      @PropertyElement protected String changeLogDirectory
      Specifies the directory where Liquibase can find your changelog file. This is an aliases for searchPath
    • changeLogFile

      @PropertyElement protected String changeLogFile
      Specifies the changelog file for Liquibase to use.
    • contexts

      @PropertyElement protected String contexts
      Specifies which contexts Liquibase will execute, which can be separated by a comma if multiple contexts are required. If a context is not specified, then ALL contexts will be executed.
    • labels

      Deprecated version of labelFilter
    • labelFilter

      @PropertyElement protected String labelFilter
      Specifies which Liquibase labels Liquibase will execute, which can be separated by a comma if multiple labels are required or you need to designate a more complex expression. If a label is not specified, then ALL labels will be executed.
    • duplicateFileMode

      @PropertyElement protected String duplicateFileMode
      How to handle multiple files being found in the search path that have duplicate paths. Options are WARN (log warning and choose one at random) or ERROR (fail current operation)
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractLiquibaseChangeLogMojo

      public AbstractLiquibaseChangeLogMojo()
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