Class LiquibaseRollbackOneUpdateMojo

All Implemented Interfaces:
org.apache.maven.plugin.ContextEnabled, org.apache.maven.plugin.Mojo

public class LiquibaseRollbackOneUpdateMojo extends AbstractLiquibaseChangeLogMojo
Rolls back all changesets from any specific update, if all changesets can be rolled back. By default, the last update is rolled back, but an optional deployentId parameter can target any update. (Liquibase Pro only).
  • Field Details

    • deploymentId

      @PropertyElement protected String deploymentId
      Specifies the update your want to rollback. A list of the updates's changesets grouped by their deploymentId can be found by using the history command.
    • force

      @PropertyElement protected String force
      A required flag for rollbackOneUpdate.
  • Constructor Details

    • LiquibaseRollbackOneUpdateMojo

      public LiquibaseRollbackOneUpdateMojo()
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