Interface SqlGenerator<T extends SqlStatement>

    • Method Detail

      • getPriority

        int getPriority()
        Of all the SqlGenerators that "support" a given SqlStatement/Database, SqlGeneratorFactory will return the one with the highest priority.
        Specified by:
        getPriority in interface PrioritizedService
      • supports

        boolean supports​(T statement,
                         Database database)
        Does this generator support the given statement/database combination? Do not validate the statement with this method, only return if it can support it.
      • generateStatementsIsVolatile

        boolean generateStatementsIsVolatile​(Database database)
        Does this change require access to the database metadata? If true, the change cannot be used in an updateSql-style command.
      • generateRollbackStatementsIsVolatile

        boolean generateRollbackStatementsIsVolatile​(Database database)
      • validate

        ValidationErrors validate​(T statement,
                                  Database database,
                                  SqlGeneratorChain<T> sqlGeneratorChain)
        Validate the data contained in the SqlStatement. If there are no errors, return an empty ValidationErrors object, not a null value. Liquibase will inspect the ValidationErrors result before attempting to call generateSql.
      • generateSql

        Sql[] generateSql​(T statement,
                          Database database,
                          SqlGeneratorChain<T> sqlGeneratorChain)
        Generate the actual Sql for the given statement and database.